The Braswell Group provides one-on-one coaching for managers and executives who are ready to take their careers to the next level. We begin the process by conducting interviews over the phone with you, as well as with your colleagues where appropriate to get as much information as possible. In addition, depending upon your particular area of focus, we have a set of diagnostics that you may take to give us even more information on your strengths and areas for growth.


Based on this data, The Braswell Group then designs a customized coaching program for you which can integrate leadership, work-life balance, creativity or diversity exercises depending on your individualized needs. The program is then delivered to you, one-on-one, by one of our senior consultants over the course of an eight hour day at a site of your choosing. During this session, you will experience interactive exercises, in-depth facilitation, and an opportunity to make quantum leaps in your personal and professional growth.

This one day coaching session is then followed with one-hour coaching conference calls that take place usually at four week intervals. The first is required, while following calls are optional based on your particular needs.

For more information, or to schedule a coaching sessions: