Many, if not most organizations, are presently concerned with
activities, interventions, and measurements necessary to
achieve an inclusive culture.
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There are several requirements necessary to achieve these objectives:
  1. A definition of inclusion which is specific, definable, and measurable.

  2. The design of an Inclusion Assessment that is a measurement of this definition.

  3. The design of an Inclusion Index as an "informal" measure to track the progress toward the achievement inclusion; based on the established definition. The recommended Inclusion Index is ten questions.

The Braswell Group has mastered this three-step process. We have developed a basic Inclusion Assessment which is complementary to an organization’s presently existing performance measurement or employee-satisfaction instrument. The Assessment involves analysis using, not only overall results but also, critical demographic breakdowns, such as ethnicity, gender, level of responsibility, generations, tenure, union/non-union, etc. The demographic breakdowns, as well as the Assessment, are uniquely designed for each organization; consistent with our database.

The most vital element of the process is the ability to "see" and “understand” subtle, unconscious patterns of exclusion, rather than solely focusing on individual questions. This interpretation is part of a comprehensive report created by The Braswell Group. The source of this report is from a team of diversity and inclusion practitioners with more than 20 years each of experience.

The recommended interventions are based upon this interpretation and tracked by a subset of questions from the total Assessment corresponding to the most vital elements of the established definition. If your organization has an interest in implementing this powerful tool for assessing and tracking cultural inclusion: Request an Assessment.


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