“We have a tremendous opportunity to leverage the mosaic of talent in our
communities to create inclusive solutions of excellence."
Allie L. Braswell Jr.
Founder & President
The Braswell Group LLC
Mr. Allie Braswell is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and
civic leader with diverse experiences in business, public
speaking, and community engagement as well as leadership,
technology operations and human resources. As the leader of
the Braswell Group, his major objective is to assist
organizations in achieving inclusive, high-performance cultures
while simultaneously building bridges that connect them with
their local and global communities through support, education,
and social responsibility.

Mr. Braswell is an authority on diversity, leadership, high
performance, work-life quality and balance, and creativity and
innovation. He has an in-depth understanding of the process of
organizational transformation as it relates to cultural inclusion.
As a Walt Disney diversity manager, he designed and
implemented the consultative methodology to communicate and
connect business leaders with the diversity and inclusion
initiatives; in addition to developing tools to measure and
report progress toward desired measurable outcomes.
In terms of hands-on leadership experience, Mr. Braswell was President of the Central Florida
Urban League and served on the National Urban League's Housing Task Force and Jobs Task
Force. He currently serves as a Member of the Garden Theater Board, Vice President of the
Innovation Montessori Governing Board and Member of the Valencia College Peace and Justice
Institute Advisory Council. As a part of his volunteer work, Allie chairs the Whitney M. Young,
Jr. Service Awards Luncheon celebrating community leaders and their commitment to support
scouting throughout Central Florida. He has served on the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Advisory
Committee for Minority Veterans, and continues to serve as the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of
the Army for the state of Florida (Central).

Mr. Braswell’s published works include “Rekindling the Passion: Restoring the Joy and Purpose to
Your Life”—a personal journey of development toward one’s personal greatness. He holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from American Intercontinental University
and a Master of Arts, Human Resource Management from Webster University.